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More Round Teenager Booty

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I told you I’d post the rest of the homemade video clips featuring Jayda stuffing a purple toy in her wet little pussy so here they are for your private pleasure. I tell you, this teen has a marvelous round butt – ths kind you long for to get behind and do doggie-style. Hell, I had a hard time keeping from spanking my penis out and slamming it into her tight shaved pussy.

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But I did manage to control myself and just film the sexy teen fucking herself with the vibrating toy. She was so cute, giggling like she had never had a dildo against her swollen clitoris before. One never knows but I imagine she’s not as inocent as she pretends.

I also loaded all of the DVD quality videos up on my main site so that you could all enjoy them. These little homemade video clip clips are nice but the full length video has a bunch of marvelous closeups of her sliding that purple sex sex-toy in and out as she pumps her round teenager booty in the air for all to see

The climax of the video clip is when she finally cums. The grin on her face tells everything. So be sure to check out all of Jayda’s smut scenes at www.glassmannequin.com

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Sexy Teenager Anistaija Fucks Herself With A Blue Worm

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Colorado Amateur smut star Anistaija was having a little alone time on the couch , not knowing the perverts at Glass Mannequin had their cameras on her. Anistaija loves having sex with a guy with a giant dick or a sexy ass slut with a sweet pussy but nothing compares to having some alone time with your own pussy. Being pad alone this petite Latina is able to pamper her sweet tight cunt till she feels the job is done. Grabbing her blue worm the sexy slut is soon sliding the blue worm in and out of her wet throbbing pussy. You know this pierced tramp is enjoying herself by the moans that escape pass her sweet soft lips. This sexy dick tease knows how to make a solo shoot sexy as fuck.  To see more of this sexy bitch you can stream free trailer and or download full video

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Anistaija Plays Well With Toys

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Salt And Pepper Booty Show

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Gracelynn Moans is back and this time the Glass Mannequin original is having her first interracial lesbo experience with the hard-bodied black coed Jager Nightly – with her butt in the air, this fine blonde gets her skinny black girlfriend to climax as we watch her prime white booty and her puffy pink pussy.

Download this clip, view the trailer or download the full video.

But no lesbian video is complete till both coeds eat some cunt so I threw in this lesbo scene of Jager returning the oral favor on her white girlfriend, her little black booty in the air and her sweet little pussy being licked as she did the same to her blonde girlfriend.

Download this clip, view the trailer or download the full video.

And for those of you who like closeups – the clip has enough pussy and booty sets to gratify butt and pussy lovers everywhere.

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Interracial Cunt-Munching

View the trailer or stream and download the full video.

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Acasha Binito…a Squirter

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Revenge can cost you more then you think. At least it did for Acasha Binito who starts off her Amateur Porn Career doing her first Boy-babe shoot to pay her brother Eric back for a little retribution the little harlot had got on him for something he did to her. This sneaky little tramp poked holes in her brothers condoms which led to his girlfriend getting pregnant, and all because Acasha got mad at Eric for stealing her girlfriend… Acasha had a reason to be mad. That was her pussy, but still the cunt ended up pregnant and now Acasha Binito needs some quick money to have it taken care of.
Eric, being the nice big brother that he is brings his Slutty sister to the old mans pad down the way. This little tramp loves sex. In her point of view the older the better so when the old man says fuck me and let me video it and put it on my site for bring me your sister and her debt would be clear this little harlot starts feeling on the old man. As Acasha starts feeling on the old perv he hands her brother the camera and that’s when it starts to get hot. If you hunger for to see this little harlot pay her debt in full download full video

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Acasha Binito Gets Pimped By Her Brother

With her brother practicality tickling her pink shaved pussy with the camera lens this naughty amateur porno star was not shy at all to play with her tight little pussy. Who know, maybe having her brother that close to her cunt makes her pussy drip more?? To see brothers full point of view download full film.

Sister Gets Fucked

Acasha Binito Gets Filmed Fucking

Watching this slutty babe playing with her pussy is fun but it was time to fuck the shit of that dirty little harlot. The old man has this skinny little blonde on top of his fat penis as hes pounding deeper and deeper into Acasha’s sweet little cunt. Hes makes her body shake as he rubs on the little tramps pussy while fucking her. Since the brother has never seen his slutty sister get fucked before he didn’t know to move back a little bit when this Amateur porno star squirts out of her tight pussy...”my sister’s a gusher “,was all he could say. If you hunger for to see the full film download here.

My Sister Is A Gusher

My Sister Is A Gusher

To see more of Acasha Binito download full film at bring me your sister. you can also download other shoots of Acasha Binito at Glass Mannequin or Real Colorado teenagers.

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A Blonde And Brown Haired Get Down

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Nothings sexier then two horny coed girls making out on the couch. With hard bodies and even wetter pussies you know this is going to be one Hot and nasty time. To see more of these slutty teenagers Join Glass Mannequin.


Thena puts her ankle above her fellatio making her tight pussy easier for the young blonde to munch and taste her sweet juices. Download Full Movie


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Abigail Blower’s First On-camera Cock

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Abigail Blower showed up at my place with her brother and the rest is history…..  Abigail Blower is a cute 19-year-old redhead from Colorado that wrecked her brother’s ride and had no way to pay for the repairs. No way that is until her brother offered his help. Help that included his sister taking her first penis on camera – as her own brother filmed it. But that’s the way we swing at Bring Me Your Sister. If your sister has ever fucked you over and owes you dough, then you need to do what Abigail’s brother did – make your sister a pornstar!

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Abigail Blower’s First On-Camera Cock

Abigail’s brother did an exceptional job of filming his sister‘s nervous anticipation at having a smut-sized penis stuffed deep into her teenage pussy for the first time in her life. Pain mixed with pleasure filled his sister’s face as I worked my fat penis deep into her pulsating coed pussy. The feeling was unspoiled, warm wetness contracting on my throbbing penis as I pushed my enormous penis balls-deep in his sister’s tiny little cunt. Enjoy the clip below then download and stream the full shoot here.

Download the WMV

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Camel Toe And A Creampie

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When John’s sister stole debit card and charged $500 in useless crap right before Christmas, he wanted vengeance so he called the guys at Bring Me Your Sister and arranged to sell his sister’s virtue and film her in her first porn. Soon he was holding a camera just inched from his sister’s sloppy cunt as she fucked the old guy that runs Bring Me Your Sister as his sister payed for her transgression as she earned the coin the little cunt had stolen. Stream or download the full high-quality scene of Vixen Konigin on Bring Me Your Sister – members full get access three amateur porno sites featuring hundreds of exclusive amateur porno films and thousands of HD pictures.

Camel Toe And A Creampie

Download the full video

Camel Toe And A Creampie

Download the full video

Camel Toe And A Creampie

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Poor Bastard Couldn’t Cream

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Now what kind of guy signs up to be in a porno clip and then can’t finish? Well this dumb fucker thought it was cool to have a few shots before the shoot (pun intended) and then he couldn’t finish. Now I don’t know about you, but if you throw a impeccable teen cunt in front of me, I’m gonna hammer that pussy and spray my hot semen all over her titties – but that’s just me.

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Trent was supposed to catch Abre playing with her dildo and then fuck her till they both climaxed in unison – or that’s the way it was supposed to work. Abre did a stellar job of sucking the dumb bastards schlong and at least he got it hard (we had to cut out a few minutes where I wasn’t sure). Josie was on camera so the stupid fucker should have forgotten about his nerves and just fucked the little cunt. I know you would have!

Making Their First Porn

Josie did get some pretty hot fellatio footage – as Abre gave Trent a pretty damn good sloppy blowjob. She kept the camera close enough that we don’t have to see to much of the drunk fucks face but he kept kicking the camera and then making stupid comments about it. Guess bing a porno star isn’t as simple as he initially thought.

Teen Cock Sucker

But then – I like closeups – and I don’t care if it’s a closeup of a fine fellatio or a closeup of some errant coeds tiny cunt taking a hard schlong on camera for the first time. At least Trent got it hard – but the poor girl was all fucked out and he was still hours away from anything that resembled an orgasm. He did get plenty of fucking in – hammering her tiny teen cunt for a good 45 minutes. Josie was getting tired of holding the camera and Abre was getting tired of the stupid fuck on top of her.

Fuck Her Tiny Cunt

It did turn out to be a pretty hot shoot, thanks in no tiny part to the to the sexy babes. And if you like to see a fine teen cunt giving real good felatio – then be sure to check this and all of our first-time amateur porn out – only at www.glassmannequin.com

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I Fuck When Im Bored

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Bored from playing clip games all day this sexy blonde decided to check on her new friend from the newspaper Ad.. Meeting Richard for the first time on Bring Me Your Sister, Maddy Marks knew this old man would have something fun for her to . It wasnt long till this horny teen was nude on her knees with a mouth full of hard dick. To see more of what this sexy harlot does when she gets bored Join Real Colorado teens.

Getting what she came for, this Colorado girl get’s on top of the old man putting her tight pussy all over his dick… Download full Video

Nice Ass On A Dick

Nice butt On A Dick

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Maxi Booty First Porno

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Maxi Booty has become a regular on all three of our sites, Bring Me Your SisterGlass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls, but like every amateur porno model, Maxi had to have a “first video” – and lucky for us, it was a hardcore shoot with the old bastard that runs Glass Mannequin Productions, Mr. Richard Nailder himself. Maxi was trying to decide if she could let her brother video her for Bring and wanted to see what it was like being filmed – she also wanted to see if she could handle the old man’s fat cock before having her brother just inches from her coochie in what was to be billed as her first porno shoot so she let us video her the night before in a private shoot audition. Here are a few pictures from her audition.

Maxi Booty First Porn Video

Maxi Booty First porno Video

Maxi is a cute blonde coed that started porno with us and went on to do dozens of videos with companies in Florida and California – but it all started with this amateur shoot of her and an older man. It was a beautiful summer day and Maxi’s beautiful curly blonde hair glistened in the sunlight as she sucked the old man’s fat cock for the first time. Download more videos of her than you can get anywhere else on internet by joining Glass Mannequin today.

Maxi Booty Sucks Her First Cock On Camera

Maxi Booty Sucks Her First cock On Camera

The small coed form Colorado Springs must have enjoyed it because she soon had her legs spread as the old man mounted her and stuffed his fat cock deep into her shaved teenager pussy for the first time. She was now officially a Glass Mannequin chick – you know, he kind of chick that can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch….   the kind of chick that lets you video her with your cock buried deep in her wet little cunt, then lets you spunk all over her unsurpassed titties and cute teenager smile. See her porno audition – only on Glass Mannequin.

Maxi Booty Amateur Porn Audition

Maxi Booty Amateur porno Audition

Join Glass Mannequin today and add her videos to your amateur porno collection. Members also get full access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls – more Maxi Booty porno for your viewing pleasure ;-)

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