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Naughty Phone Sex

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Alliyaha Sky shows us at Glass Mannequin what she likes to do on her day off. We find her in a bathrobe texting on her cell phone. This little harlot likes to tease herself as much as teasing the person on the other line. Taking pictures of herself then playing with her cute wet pussy.  She moves her lacy underwear to the side and shows us how she can make herself orgasm.

Alliyah Sky's Cute Pussy alliyahsky amateur hym sfm Asian panties shaved

Alliyah Sky’s Cute Pussy

After she warms her little cunt up, the underwear come off and she grabs a blue vibrator. Then goes to town, shoving it in and out of her like a little harlot. This Asian/Irish amateur likes to jizz and did a couple of times on Glass Mannequin during this solo masturbation. Alliyah even showed us the different positions she does all on her own to ensure ultimate pleasure for her tight wet pussy. She looks like the chick next door but when you see her masturbate in doggy you’ll know shes a dirty little hussy. With her ass up in the air its very clear that this sexy teen was enjoying herself.  View Alliyah masturbating in the free gallery or sign on to Glass Mannequin for more. Also check out Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls.

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Spank That Amateur Teenager Pussy

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Amateur smut model Cynthia Jay had never done smut but when she was offered the chance to become a Real Colorado Girl, she found the thought excited her and she was soon spanking her little coed pussy for the camera in her first solo masturbation video ever. If you like the thought of real amateur coeds having sex on camera for the first time, then you need to check Cynthia’s coed pussy out on Real Colorado Girls. Of course, this cute coed isn’t shy about spreading her legs and stuffing a vibrator deep in her little pussy, in fact, she even grabs a second one and rubs her clitoris with it as she moans and brings herself to orgasm.

amateur teen sfm dildo cynthiajay

Cynthia Jay Fucks Her Little coed Pussy

To see more of this hot amateur coed fingering her little pussy visit Real Colorado Girl today.

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Kaydence Skye Fucks For Coin

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Kaydence Skye is a tattooed dwarf eighteen year old that loves to spend coin and since she’s so hot, it’s pretty easy to understand why old men are willing to fork out a little money so they can fuck her. Richard Nailder of Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister fame is one of those old perverts that paid this hot high school cheerleader to fuck him. The redheaded Kaydence is so dwarf that she actually had trouble fitting all of the old bastard’s erection in her super tight little pussy and when she did have it all in her, she would wince in pain as the old fart hammered her tiny coed cunt with his thick old erection. In this film, Kaydence actually had her first on-camera orgasm while Richard was munching her out – she went on to come two more times in the film so be sure to watch it closely to see her reach her quiet but real orgasms.

kaydenceskye teen amateur tattooed cheerleader braces

Kaydence Skye

You can’t see it in this picture but Kaydence still has her braces on and because of it – she tries to hide her cute smile. I can’t help but to imagine cumming all over her innocent smile and having her grin at me with y sperm in her braces – sounds like fun right? But back to the point – Kaydence needed a little money and was more than willing to let this older man fuck her for a little money – what she didn’t expect was for the old bastard to actually bring her to orgasm in the film – in fact, he did it more than once – lucky bastard.   You can watch free shoot at Glass Mannequin

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Kaydence Takes A large Cock

Of course a erection this mammoth stuffed into such a dwarf teenager is going to make it hurt just a little but Kaydence sky focused the energy and had one more lip-biting orgasm just before Richard Nailder shot a load of hot sperm all over her exceptional coed body.

plts pierced braces forgasm xxxp

Kaydence Skye Cums Again

Join Glass Mannequin, to see Kaydence Sky cumming and get free access to two additional sites for no additional charge: Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister

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I Popped Angel Cakes Babe-cherry

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The look on Angel Cakes face was priceless when I told her I was going to pop her coed-cherry. Her sweet tight pussy was just calling me…. MMMmmm….      I couldn’t keep my tongue “carpet-muncher with a hard on” to myself. You can see the whole video on Glass Mannequin

Gracelynn Moans Popping Angel Cakes Girl-Cherry

Me Popping Angel Cakes coed-Cherry

Angel Cakes never has never had a three-some until the day she met me, Gracelynn Moans. Now she can eat on pussy like a pro.

Angel Cakes and Gracelynn Moans Sucking Cock

Angel Cakes First three-some EVER!!!

Not only can Angel Cakes now eat some great pussy, she can suck a massive erection too.   See the full video of me fucking Angel Cakes here.

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Strawberry Blonde Loves Erection

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19-year-old  strawberry flaxen Abigail Blower is the newest addition to the Glass Mannequin team doing her 1st two hardcore smut scenes for Bring Me Your Sister, her first on-camera lesbo encounter for Real Colorado Girls with the marvelous Alison Rapture and her first orgy scene for Glass Mannequin. It may take us a few weeks to get all of the scenes posted but Alison’s first hardcore movie is already on Bring Me Your Sister and there’s also a free gallery to give you an idea how naughty this strawberry flaxen coed can get.

Abigail Blower On Camera For The First Time abigailblower 1tm plts blonde sisp xxxp bfc oldny xxxp gnd amateur sbj shaved pierced

Abigail Blower On Camera For The First Time

The above picture is from Abigail’s first hardcore video – it’s also her first time ever with a man over 50 and as you can see in the next picture, this misbehaving little flaxen has no problem sucking the old man’s fat penis. In fact, in this same movie, Abigail sucks the spunk out of the old man in her first swallowing scene – what a skank! LOL

Abigail Blower "Blows" An Old Man's Fat Cock

Abigail Blower “Blows” An Old Man’s Fat penis For The First Time As Her Brother videos Her

Of course, we desire to see the cute flaxen spread her legs and take the old man’s fat penis deep in her shaved teen cunt – just like her brother filmed it….. See how much penis this misbehaving little cunt can really handle by joining Bring Me Your Sister today.

Abigail Blower Braces For Her First Huge Cock abigailblower oldny redhead bfc 1tm xxxp sisp grudge pierced teen amateur

Abigail Blower Braces For Her First mammoth Cock

Download all of Abigail’s misbehaving scenes with your membership to Bring Me Your Sister – the Internets only film your own sister smut site.


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Dwarf Coed Delilah Daze Takes It All

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If there’s one thing I love it’s petite teenagers and the 4-foot 11-inch Delilah Daze such a sweet little thing that you can’t help but to fall in love with her from the first moment you meet her. This cute little brunette did her first smut video clip with me and then came back to do a dozen more amateur clips and photo shoots. Click on the photograph to view each of the free video clip galleries  featuring this cute teenager. In the first free gallery, Real Colorado Girl Delilah Daze shows us what a tease she can be – showing us her cute smile and round little butt. There is a great series on panty-play with complete with camel-toe and pussy-flashing  for your enjoyment.

Delilah Daze

Delilah Daze Unbuttons My Shirt

In the second free gallery, the petite teen has her first orgasm as I show her why younger women keep cumming back to get more great cunnilingus from older men. Delilah returns the favor by devouring my balls and then giving me an unmarred head.

Tasting Delilah's Sweet Little Pussy

Tasting Delilah’s Sweet Little Pussy

In the third free gallery, you get to see initial penetration as the tiny teenager lies back on the bed as I slowly slide my cock deep inside her tight little pussy. She then rides me cowgirl-style and back to spooning where I shot a good-sized load of hot cream all over her soft teen skin.

Delilah Daze Covered In Cum

Delilah Daze Covered In Cum

Download the entire video clip by joining Real Colorado Girls and I’ll throw in free access to Glass Mannequin and Bring Me Your Sister  free of charge.

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Tattooed Little Sister Fucking

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I’ve always wondered what it would be like to film my tattooed little sister fucking and when I found this guy’s amateur sister porno site, I knew that I would be dragging my nineteen year old sister to his place and be filming my teenage sister fucking the old bastard that runs Bring Me Your Sister as soon as the little cunt got place. It all started when my sister fucked up my x-box. The little cunt was supposed to pay for it but she never had any cash and I was getting fed up with her bull shit excuses. After finding Bring Me Your Sister, I sent the guy an email and set up a time to bring my sister by his place. My sister was pissed at first but she soon realized that fucking the old bastard it would be an easy to pay me back and get me off her ass. What my sister  didn’t expect was to have me there filming her fucking – too fucking bad harlot!

tattooed little sister fucking sisp xxxp oldny shaved bfc nnts brunette missyray tattooed

Tattooed Little Sister Fucking

This was actually the first time I had seen my little sister totally unclad and I was amazed at how sexy her tattoos were – in fact, filming the dirty old man peel my sister’s clothes off, exposing all of her tattoos, was a real turn on but seeing my sister’s meaty pussy lips spread just inches from my face and watching my sister taking an old man’s fat puffy cock between her meaty pussy lips was the ultimate turn-on. My sister kept trying to ignore that I was only inches from her wet little cunt but I somehow know it was secretly turning my sister on to be filmed fucking by her brother for the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister.

tattooed little Sister fucking shaved teen amateur

Tattooed Little Sister Fucking

Apparently the old bastard from Bring Me Your Sister liked the way it felt to slide a fat cock inside my tattooed little sister because he kept trying new positions that showed off how sexy my little sister is. In fact, I think I liked it best when he put my sister on her knees and fucked her from behind. Watching my sister’s sweet round ass wiggle as he fucked her harder made it hard to hold the camera steady but I managed to get some real mischievous vid of my sister in her first-ever sister porno vid.

tattooed little sister fucking pierced 1tm

Tattooed Little Sister Fucking

To see more of my mischievous tattooed sister fucking for the first time on camera – visit Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Video Me Fucking A Fat Erection

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Naughty Little Hannah is a dwarf brunette with unequaled pointy fun bags, a nice round, and a shaved cunt that loves to be stuffed with a fat penis. Hannah had already done her first smut film for Bring Me Your Sister and was back to get some more of the old man’s fat penis. Sure she likes fucking younger men too but not if the guy is, as she says, “packin” – this teenager whore likes them oversized! In fact, if you listen carefully, you can hear her begging to be fucked harder in pretty much every video she’s ever made. That said, her clitoris is very sensitive and licked properly, this little cunt cums pretty quick.

Licking Hannah's Cunt

Licking Hannah’s Sweet Little Cunt

After Hannah had her first orgasm, she wanted to be fucked – and she was more than willing to hold the camera as she spread her legs and let the old man stuff his fat penis into her shaved little cunt. Moaning as he filled her cunt, the little whore pushed herself against the old man taking every last inch of his fat manhood. But Naughty Little Hannah needed to be fucked harder!

Naughty Little Hannah Loves A Huge Cock

Naughty Little Hannah Loves A oversized Cock

Climbing on top of the 50-year-old man, the teenage chick let him hold the camera so she could ride his oversized penis. Being able to control the depth, speed and angle Hannah was now in control. Fucking the old man even harder, her pointy fun bags bouncing pertly with every stroke, the cute olive-skinned chick climaxed for the third time – moaning in pleasure as each wave of her orgasm washed over her firm teenager body.

Naughty Little Hannah Rides The Old Man's Huge Cock

Naughty Little Hannah Rides The Old Man’s oversized Cock

Join Glass Mannequin today to see all of Hannah’s smut.

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Spread Her Butterfly Pussy

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This sick bastard drug his little sister to me for a good grudge fuck after she fucked his wife. Seams the little floozy has no respect for the sanctity of marriage nor any respect for her older brother, no wonder he decided to pimp her out in her first smut vid. Now I’m not sure if watching your sister get fucked is normal but Kirstoff seamed like he was enjoying watching the old fucker that runs Bring Me Your Sister

ButterflyHaze amateur teen Latina brunette pierced tattooed hcm sisp gnd plts petite shaved oldny

Kirstoff Agrees To Pimp Out His Sister

This guy’s sexy little sister is known as “Butterfly Haze” and it’s not just for the butterfly tattoos that she has on her hard teenage body – take one look at her little “butterfly pussy” and you’ll hunger for to kick her brother off the camera and hold it yourself. In fact, since she’s not your sister, go ahead and slide your tongue right up her little “butterfly”.

Spreading His Sister's "Butterfly Pussy"

Spreading His Sisters Butterfly Pussy

If she were your sister, you think she’s be a little pissed off if you pimped her out? Well, Butterfly was a little pissed at her brother and she really didn’t appreciate her fuckin perv of a brother watching the old guy fuck her. In fact, I think you can tell from the look on her face that getting grudge-fucked as her brother filmed it wasn’t at the top of her list of things to do on a Saturday night.  Of course, you might hunger for to glance at her hard teenage body and her pointy pierced nipples just like her naughty brother did ;-) .

Butterfly Stares At Her Brother As She Gets Fucked

Butterfly Stares At Her Brother As She Gets Fucked

If you would like to see more of Butterfly Haze with her pink little pussy spread wide open, check out the full-length films and high-quality photograph on the main websitewww.bringmeyoursister.com

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I Trashed My Brother’s Signed Football Jersey

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DivaDuz sisp teen petite interracial plts lbts booty bfc xxxp amateurOK, I admit it- I screwed up totally. I had a bunch of girlfriends over just kickin it and having a exquisite time. The girls were all running around the residence half unclad – Sally was running around in her undies and had stolen my bra so I was topless. Honey and Jayda were in the back room watching one of my brother’s smut movies and I’m pretty sure the two little cunts were fingering each other’s pussies but every time I came in they just giggled and pulled the sheets of my brother’s bed up to hide their unclad teenager titties.

Anyway, we had ordered pizza and when the doorbell rang, I grabbed a shirt form my brother’s room and threw it on so the poor pizza boy didn’t spunk in his shorts when I answered the door. As soon as he left, we all retreated back to my brother’s room to watch his smut and eat pizza. Well, someone told a bad joke and then someone else started throwing pepperoni from the pizza – it didn’t take long before we were all smeared on grease and sauce from the pizza.

When I looked back at the bed, Honey was spread-eagle on the bed Jayda and was devouring her pussy as Honey giggled and squirmed. Sally looked at me and we stripped off our pizza stained clothes and crawled up on the bed with the two little cunts that were already fucking each other (the nerve of the cunts to start without us).

The next morning we all awoke in my brother’s bed to my brother’s angry shouts; “get the fuck out of my room and clean up this fuckin mess you little fuckin whores”. Then he saw the shirt that I had borrowed the night before – The fucker exploded! Apparently I had grabbed the football jersey he had gotten signed by his favorite linebacker when he was away at college – and I had been wearing it when the food fight ensued. It was a mess; it had a monster grease smear right across the shoulder and down across the signature, the ink from the signature was smeared and was hard to even read. My brother wanted to kill me.

DivaDuz ebony teen tits petite interracial xxx gnd sis bootyThe next evening when he got house from work, he told me to “get pretty” – “we’re going for a ride”. While at work, he had found a way form me to “pay him bask” for the jersey. 30 minutes later, we were in some old guy’s residence and I was being offered a few hundred dough to make a smut vid with the naughty old bastard. My fucking brother was going to make me into a smut star to get his revenge. Actually, I was still a little horny from watching his smut the night before and was a bit excited to try it out – but it was a little weird when the guy offered to let my brother shoot it. He even gave my brother a copy a few days later. Bastard probably jerks off to it when I’m not at house. Anyway, he can’t tramp about the jersey no more.

Diva Duz

P.S. I liked making the smut so much that I came back and worked for the old fucker again – am I misbehaving or what?

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